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So the story goes...

Buy: Consumers buy electronic devices such as computers, monitors, TVs and other electronics that contain toxic materials and enjoy the technology they have to offer, as long as they continue to work.

Die: When electronic products become obsolete, replaced by newer technology or simply are no longer attractive against the new generation, they were simply thrown in the trash! These items are referred to as E-Waste. Disposing of E-Waste improperly is Illegal? Our services are designed to offer a free, clean and proper alternative for your electronics disposal. Utilizing EDR recycling services detours hazardous waste containing devices from entering the landfills and polluting our waters

E-waste contains toxic chemicals that if not handled properly can cause serious environmental hazards and health problems. It became noticeably serious enough for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to regulate this issue. Yes, today it's not just about a few wanting to preserve this great states land and beautiful coastal waters, but now everyone is aware of the problem. It's called SB20. This California regulation was finalized in 2007 and is enforceable with large fines including criminal penalties.

California Ewaste Recycling Law, Why Risk It?

The Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC) is the lead agency in California for hazardous waste management who enforces the hazardous waste control laws. When TVs and Monitors (CRTs) are dumped into our Landfills and compromised, chemicals such as lead which when wet can leach into our soils and travel, creates serious environmental and health hazards.

TV's and Monitors contain from 4-10 lbs of lead (depending on their size). Brominated flame retardants are commonly added to plastics used in electronics. Others contain mercury, beryllium, cadmium, nickel, zinc and the hexavalent chromium found in circuit boards and color cathode ray tubes. Truly, this doesn't sound like the foundation of soil we want our children's future built on and that's why now is the time to stop it by working together.

EDR Recycling Solution Electronic Collection Services!

EDR Collection and Recycling is the place to get rid your electronic waste! Be a part of the environmental solution instead of the problem . Remember, it's a 'free service' from us to you. Contact us for information and qualifications for the free pickup service offered by our Company.

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