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EDR Ewaste Recycling is listed in the California e-waste recycling centers directory as an authorized electronic waste disposal, hauler and recycler of electronics and computer scrap with the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) which includes televisions, computers, servers, scrap for recycling and other e waste disposal needs. Upon receiving your scrap computers and other electronic waste, we weigh, count, segregate based on the material they contain and assigned a Lot ID to your electronics. That lot number follows the product throughout the disassembly process allowing product to be tracked to its final residual status 'scrap' material.

The residual scrap material from electronics waste disposal is then shipped to a final destination facility, which further processes it down to its value commodity such as copper from circuit boards, wire, aluminum, silver, gold, etc., which is then sold on the open market. All CRT glass or 'cullet' is shipped to glass manufactures or secondary smelters who in turn utilize certain materials as a fluxing agent and others to make new picture tubes. Our process prevents hazardous material from ending up in landfills.

We do not use any outside hauling sources, keeping your material within the EDR ewaste management and its affiliates, allowing us complete control over all e-waste from your door to ours. This is very important to the environmentally conscious and also releases you from any liability. E-waste recycling made easy.

Recycling Ewaste: Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego County regions

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