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EDR and our clients are constantly helping others while saving our soils at the same time.

Re-Use and recycle, is the call of the California programs. We at EDR believe that the best way to prevent landfills from toxic materials generated from e-waste is to grasp the longest life out of any product. Discarded electronics can be toxic to our waters and soils, so prevention is first on our list. Re-use promotes the extension of life in some products that can be refurbished and returned to a market.

EDR has a program in place for just that cause. With the permission granted from the surrendering source, data will be destroyed and certified and the machine will be cosmetically and mechanically refurbished for the re-use program.

We will come to your business, inspect your equipment and arrive at a projected value for return. You may decide on the options of disposition. This can be an immediate buyout of your products or a return based upon a percentage of the recovery after placement of your products.

Assets of no recovery value (not limited to older model laptops, computers, CRT monitors, TVs) will be recycled as e-waste. The hazardous material contained within these products will be processed responsibly and in complete compliance with the California DTSC and the US-EPA standards.

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