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Computer Recycling California
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EDR serves government agencies, schools, businesses disposing or liquidating large lots of used computer and electronic equipment. EDR has business solutions available where you can either recycle or liquidate surplus used computers, laptops, desktops monitors, and servers.

We offer electronic recycling pick-ups to California Cities and Counties including: Los Angeles, Long Beach, Riverside, San Diego and Orange. We are capable of liquidating organizations with multple locations. We managed the liquidation of over 4,000 desktops and 350 laptops during a technology refresh. Sell us your used late model electronic testing equipment. We purchase Cisco, Data Center and network equipment.

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The digital conversion in itself has created a tsunami of toxic waste containing electronic devices to be disposed of. Recover value for outdated IT assets through our asset management services. We promote a greener world.

Computer Recyclign California

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